Weed & Pest Control

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Invasive Plant Control Program

Under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) agreement, the Federal and Provincial governments have committed to invest $3.15 million in the Pest Biosecurity Program. SARM will continue to deliver this program until March 31, 2023 based on a 50:50 cost share. The RM is part of the CAP-IPCP Invasive Plant Control Program. The program will provide a cost shared rebate of 50:50 with the landowner and RM's to provide financial assistance to undertake and coordinate the control of Prohibited Weeds as well as specific Noxious Weeds that are persistent and problematic invasive plants.

The funding will provide rebates of no more than 50% of approved costs:

  • 50% of the cost of pre-approved eligible herbicides; and
  • 50% of the cost of application of those pre-approved eligible herbicides.

For noxious weeds approved under the current program (absinthe, filed bindweed, common burdock, bladder campion, ox-eye daisy, black henbane, hoary cress, hoary alyssum, leafy spurge, Russian knapwood, yellow toadflax, common tansy, wild parsnip and scentless chamomile* (with restrictions-see schedule A SARM website) and white cockle.

  • Up to 50% of the cost pre-approved eligible herbicides.

The municipality appoints a Weed Inspector each year to be proactive about the spread of invasive weeds. The Weed Inspector is responsible for identifying invasive weeds based on the concept of Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR). The municipality contracts a licensed applicator for application of herbicides on specific species of noxious weeds under the Noxious Weed Act. For more information regarding the Invasive Plant Control Program please contact the Municipal Office.

Weed Inspector: Herman Michael 306-222-4098
Licensed Applicator: Phil's Lawn Service 306-361-6860

The municipality contains the communities of Vanscoy, Delisle, Asquith, Pike Lake Provincial Park, as well as four hamlets: Dunfermline, Grandora, Pippin and one situated in SE 6-34-6 W3

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