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Municipal Hail Insurance

DID YOU KNOW that Municipal Hail Insurance (MHI) has been providing affordable and continuous coverage to land owners for over 100 years; and
DID YOU KNOW that our mission is to reduce the business risk for farmers by providing crop hail and fire insurance coverage at cost while providing timely loss assessments, insurance on credit and we use technology to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry: and
DID YOU KNOW that MHI is operated by farmers for farmers and surplus funds from light claim years are used to subsidise rates in future years and to pay losses in heavy claim years; and
DID YOU KNOW that our board of directors is comprised of producers who are elected by delegates appointed by Rural Municipalities; and
DID YOU KNOW that SMHI is the only crop hail insurer that offers prompt payment discounts and deferred payment interest free to December 31st; and
DID YOU KNOW that MHI was the first company to automate the loss adjustment process; and
DID YOU KNOW that we have improved our claim response time and have strategically placed adjustment teams; and
DID YOU KNOW that we have industry leading claim review practices; and
DID YOU KNOW that MH has paid back in losses over 79 cents of every dollar collected in premiums; and
DID YOU KNOW that you can also purchase coverage on crops not insured with SMHI and top up coverage up to $500 per acre with ADDITIONAL MUNICIPAL HAIL INSURANCE and a limit above $500 maybe written subject to head office approval; and
DID YOU KNOW that you can file your SMHI crop report online; and
DID YOU KNOW that we have the team and resources in place to continuously take care of your Crop Hail Insurance needs now and into the future; and
DID YOU KNOW that you can contact Leanne Mack at 306-668-2060 or Head office at 1-877-414-7644, or visit us online at municipalhail.ca for more information.
Storms are unpredictable. We aren't

The RM of Vanscoy offers both SMHI & AMHI insurance. Please call the office at 306-668-2060 or by email rm345@sasktel.net to have your insurance needs taken care of.

Important Dates

June 15
Last day to file crop reports for SMHI
June 30
Last day for new applicants to apply for coverage with SMHI
August 1
Last day to apply for coverage with AMHI or PMHI
October 31
Last day of hail & fire coverage
April 30
Last day to apply for crop exemption

SMHI Discount Rates
To reward prompt payments, SMHI offers the following discounts:
Discount (Paid By):
5% September 30
4% October 31
2% November 30
No penalty December 31

Rate Guide
You can download our latest rate guide here: 2023 Rate Guide

Scholarship Form
Municipal Hail is proud to support the next generation of smart minds through our Municipal Hail Insurance Scholarships. Submit a completed application form accompanied by a copy of your most recent transcripts and proof of enrollment in a Saskatchewan university or technical institute by mail to:

Municipal Hail Insurance
2100 Cornwall Street
Regina, SK S4P 2K7

or by email to: smhi@municipalhail.ca
Successful applicants will be notified by July 31st.

The municipality contains the communities of Vanscoy, Delisle, Asquith, Pike Lake Provincial Park, as well as four hamlets: Dunfermline, Grandora, Pippin and one situated in SE 6-34-6 W3

RM Office

Monday To Friday
8 AM - NOON; 1 PM - 4 PM

Closed Saturday and Sunday

General Inquiries

Email: rm345.2@sasktel.net
Phone: 306-668-2060
Fax: 306-668-1338

Police Chief Jason Mochoruk 306-668-2166
RCMP Non-emergency calls 310-RCMP (310-7267)
Emergency call 911

Street Address

300 Main Street
Vanscoy, SK

Mailing Address

Box 187
Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0

RM Vanscoy