Fire Ban has been lifted effective May 25, 2023

Council will be hosting a Public Meeting regarding Fire Services for the RM of Vanscoy #345 on Tuesday May 30th 2023 7:00pm @ The Pike Lake Community Hall

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On May 1st, the Delisle and District Fire Commission held its monthly meeting. This meeting had been postponed from its original date of April 25th. In discussions with both the Town of Delisle and the Village of Vanscoy and again later in discussions with the Volunteers' Officers Group, mediation with the Fire Commission members was presented as an option to pursue prior to the RM of Vanscoy issuing their Letter of Intent to withdraw from the Fire Commission which was to be delivered on June 30th. The attending Fire Commission members from the RM of Vanscoy committed to bring that suggestion back to the RM Council. As a result, at the upcoming RM of Vanscoy monthly council meeting on May 11, 2023, a motion will be made to enter into the mediation process with the Fire Commission representatives from the Town of Delisle and the Village of Vanscoy. Both the Town of Delisle and the Village of Vanscoy have their council meetings scheduled prior to the RM council meeting, so we have communicated our intent to pass a resolution to enter mediation to a Fire Commission member from each of the councils so that they may discuss with their councils at their respective councils meetings. As a sign of good faith, should all the Fire Commission members decide to proceed with mediation, the RM of Vanscoy council will cease all future planning efforts and dedicate our efforts to the process.

Our intent has always been and will continue to be the enhancement of fire protection for all of our ratepayers. Regardless of the results of mediation and the future of the Fire Commission, the RM Council recognizes that there will always be a need for fire protective services and volunteer fire fighters. Throughout the RM's decision making process, the effort and dedication of our volunteers has never been in question. We stand behind the volunteer fire fighters and appreciate their commitment to their training and their commitment to help keep all of us safe.

As a result of our intent to enter into mediation, the RM will have no further updates until the results of mediation are known. As always, please do not hesitate to contact your RM councillor with any questions or concerns that you have. Contact information for councillors can be found here.

For full details, check our new Fire Commission page to stay up to date.

Application for Dust Control

400.6 DUST CONTROL - The municipality does not provide dust control service for rate payers.

Application for Dust Control Approval The RM understands that due to traffic dust generation ratepayers may want to apply their own dust control at their own cost. If a ratepayer would like to apply dust control to any section of the RM roadways an application, provided by the RM, must be submitted to the Superintendent of Public Works approving the application of calcium chloride.

The typical application of dust control will cover 200 meters of roadway adjacent to the ratepayer’s yard. If a residence is more than 60 meters from the road the RM will not approve the application of dust control.

Download the Dust Control Application Form here

Blading Dust Control Sites treated with dust control may become rough or may tend to develop potholes. If a road reaches a state where the condition of the driving surface poses a danger to the travelling public, the RM will grade the road which may render the dust control ineffective.

Dust Control Policy
Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345
Policy: 2-2023
Approved by Council: April 13, 2023
Resolution No. 07-04-2023
Responsible Office: Administration/Transportation

Please check regularly to see if there has been changes to road restrictions by visiting this page or the provincial website

See a sign down?

Click here to report any downed/damaged road signs or any other road concerns to the Department of Highways.

2023 Monthly Regular Meetings of Council will be scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of each month, with the meeting commencing at 9:00 am CST, and all Regular Meetings will be held in the RM of Vanscoy Chambers located within the Municipal Office at #300 Main Street, Vanscoy, Saskatchewan. 

Next Council Meeting
11-May-2023 9:00am Regular Meeting

Next Police Commission Meeting
16-Jun-2023   9:00am Regular Meeting

The R.M. of Vanscoy is a wonderful place to call home, with a mix of acreages and agricultural land

What We Value as a Community:

  • Develop and maintain a Strong Sense of Community
  • Cluster development in Designated Areas and minimize sprawl
  • Preserve prime farmland and promote Local Food Production
  • Protect our Ecological Integrity and preserve the natural landscape
  • Conserve Water resources and utilize green energy strategies
  • Work toward Sustainable Development wherever possible.
RM Vanscoy

Did You Know . . .

  • Before 1935 the R.M. was known as the Rural Municipality of Loganton.
  • The municipality contains the communities of Vanscoy, Delisle, Asquith, Pike Lake Provincial Park, as well as four hamlets: Dunfermline, Grandora, Pippin and one situated in SE 6-34-6 W3.
  • Agrium, an international potash mine calls the R.M. of Vanscoy home.
  • Our population is 2714.
Rm Vanscoy

The municipality contains the communities of Vanscoy, Delisle, Asquith, Pike Lake Provincial Park, as well as four hamlets: Dunfermline, Grandora, Pippin and one situated in SE 6-34-6 W3

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