Frequently Requested Documents

Business Development Incentives

RM Council works with new business development projects on a case by case basis.


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Official Community Plan

On the basis of the findings set out in the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345 Municipal Planning Program - Background Report, and of the issues and concerns highlighted in Section 7 of that report, the following planning goals, objectives and policies are proposed for the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy.

Zoning Bylaw

This is a Bylaw to control the use and development of the land in the municipality and assist in implementing the Official Community Plan.


Application for a Development Permit

Under the provisions of Zoning Bylaw No. 3 -2009 of the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345 pursuant to the Planning and Development Act.

Application for a Building Permit

Ensures compliance with Building Bylaws during new construction, alterations and reconstruction.